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Master the tool to predict the future of your animation: The Storyboard

storyboard mastery

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what is good

visual storytelling

and does it really matter?

FACT: Some stories look good, and some look terrible.

Wouldn’t you like a way to know if your animation was going to look good BEFORE you start putting so much energy and time to make it? Walt Disney thought so when he was starting Disney Studios in the 1930s. He designed a tool to “see the future of his animation” before he even started it.


Let’s pretend you could look into the future, what are you looking for? How do you know if something looks good or not?

3 WORDS: Good Visual Storytelling.

Good Visual Storytelling is what made Walt Disney become the person who holds the record for having the most Academy Awards (22) and the one with the most nominations (59).

Ok, so how do you create a Good Visual Storytelling? By intentionally planning for it! You can leave things to chance, but I don’t recommend it.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” -Benjamin Franklin

If you create a PLAN that LOOKS GOOD. Then your animation will look good. If you create a PLAN that LOOKS BAD, then the animation will look bad. As simple as that!

The tool for planning an animation is called: A Storyboard. The storyboard is a way of looking into the future and deciding if the animation is looking good or not. And in this training bundle, you will learn how to master it.

5 courses in 1

Storyboarding for Directors Who Can’t Draw

How to Use Storyboarder Software

Cinematography for 2D Animation

Sketching for Directors Who Can’t Draw

Body Language for 2D Animation

what will you learn?


You will learn about the terminology and concepts like, what’s a board, what’s a sequence, what’s a scene, what are shots, what are panels.

Then about the styles of storyboarding. Because in case you didn’t know, you can do the traditional way, just have a frame and draw inside it, or, you can do the unconventional way of drawing the action first, and then add the different shots.


Then you will learn how to use the different Symbols to indicate camera movement for action sequences, use arrows to indicate head turns, motion lines to indicate fast movement of the characters, and much more.

You will also learn how to draw perspectives for your panels, so you can do cool backgrounds.

I will teach you techniques if you are using pencil and paper, and also how to do it digitally using some recommended tools and plugins.

Then tips to plan your shots, by using a map, I will teach you how to do this manually first, and then I will recommend a cool tool to do all this planning much faster and dynamic. A tool that is available for Mobile devices, as well as for Desktop, both Windows and Mac.

Then, after all the theory, we will discuss some storyboards that some students have worked for their own version of the Hunters Animated Short. As well as discuss a case study of John MacDonald, a student is working on improving an animated short called Patient Zero.

And finally, this course will close with a challenge, it will be about you creating your own version of the storyboard for the Hunters. I will provide you my own version, so you can get an idea, and you will have the chance to improve it by using everything you learned.

This is the most powerful moment in the course, because you will take everything you learn and put it into practice, this will consolidate all your knowledge learned and transform it into real action.

And, you will be able to publish your own version of the storyboard exercise in the comments section.

Then, after all of that, you will be able to start your training in mastering Storyboarder, a powerful free and easy to use software. You will be able to create amazing shots, with amazing compositions, using 3D Models that you can put in any position and any angle.

“But Mark, I don’t know how to draw!”


i will teach you how to set up and design
amazing shots with great
visual storytelling

Even if you have absolutely NO DRAWING SKILLS! How? By teaching you how to use a POWERFUL FREE SOFTWARE to visualize and design shots in 3D.



camera moves

You will learn the different techniques for camera moves and how to represent them in your drawings

complex sequences

You will learn why sometimes it’s better to draw the content first and the framing later, especially in complex action scenes

character movement

You will understand the difference of speed when you are representing character movement in your panels


Understand how some simple lines can make a character more expressive, and why this improves the personality and emotion



You will learn techniques to plan your shots in the best way possible to make your scene look amazing.

storyboard mastery

Master the tool to predict the future of your animation

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COURSE curriculum

Getting Started

01 Introduction (3:36)

Download the Project Files

02 The Storyboard (6:47)

03 The Storyboard Artist and The Director (4:57)

Concepts, Styles and Uses

04 Storyboard Terminology and Concepts (6:59)

05 Styles of Storyboarding (7:54)

06 Storyboard for the Director, the Producer and the Executive Producer (5:44)


07 Three Stages of the Storyboard - Sketching (5:34)

08 Line Clean Up, Color and Shading (7:36)

09 Arrows, Lines and Text (5:50)

10 Drawing Perspective (10:58)

Improving the Storyboard

11 Showing Good Action (3:12)

12 Using Shot Variations (4:02)

13 Screen Direction and Continuity (5:44)

14 Planning your shots (8:06)

15 Directing your Shots (6:33)

16 Storyboarding Rules to have interesting shots (4:45)

17 Draw expressive body language (3:43)

18 Facial Expressions (5:15)

Presenting Your Storyboard

19 Presenting Your Storyboard (4:51)

20 Animatic (6:25)

21 Breaking down the Storyboard (4:29)

22 Hiring Storyboard Artists (3:53)

23 Making money as a Storyboard artist (7:16)


24 Creating a Storyboard from Zero (18:12)

25 Your Storyboard, Your Vision (12:24)

26 CASE STUDY - Improving a Storyboard

27 Your Next Storyboard (3:43)

28 Storyboard Challenge (1:51)


How to Use
Storyboarder Software

In this bundled course you will learn how to use a powerful free software to create your Storyboards super quick.

The software was designed to be super simple to use.

This course will teach you how to master it.

PLAY TRAILER Check this Course Curriculum

Cinematography for
2D Animation

There is absolutely no good visual storytelling if you don’t know Cinematography.

This is the art of creating great shots, and you will learn it.

PLAY TRAILER Check this Course Curriculum

Sketching for Directors
Who Can’t Draw

If you have absolutely no drawing skills, this little course will help you get your skills of the ground and take them for a spin.

You will learn simple techniques to apply so you can create decent sketches of your ideas.

PLAY TRAILER Check this Course Curriculum

Body Language
for 2D Animation

With this course you will learn how to create interesting poses for your characters when you design each panel.

Characters with no personality offer no appeal. You will need interesting shots with interesting characters that express emotions.

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