Get 2 months of work

in 1 hour

for your next animated scene

Find out how easy and fun It is to make a scene in iclone using pre-made content that you can edit enough to make it your own




Here is how anyone can prepare a scene in 1 hour instead of 2 months.

From the module 5, Advanced Cinematic Mood, Lessons 29 to 37.

Have you ever felt the frustration?

When you want to improve your drawing and animation skills, but time just doesn't let's you do that?

We have great ideas and imagination, but we don't have the experience to pull something original

And of course, we know we can improve over time, but what if we don’t have that time?


  • We have a full-time job
  • We have Family to look after
  • We have to get kids ready for school
  • Kids start puberty and family gets noisy
  • Sitting at the computer for a long time gets harder and harder

If time was not a limit, if you were only limited by your own imagination and nothing else, what would you do?

Making a single scene that looks original, like something we did on our own (and also looks great), can take months to pull it off.

Professionals and Big studio's hire all kinds of artists to create just a single scene.. but

How can a single person, a solo artist, do it by themselves? Is it even possible?

Hi, I am Mark Diaz, CEO of, TEDx speaker with more than 200K views.

In 2018 I gave a talk at TEDx, explaining how everyone can become an extraordinary artist by investing their time properly.

My main message was that you don’t have to be born with the talent, you can develop it over time.

Then, after becoming a certified instructor at Reallusion, I became more and more interested in using our time effectively to work faster and faster using Cartoon Animator, iClone and Character Creator.

And after 13+ years of filmmaking and camerawork as co-founder of Autumn Leave Films (now Alchemy – working with big clients like Amazon, Universal, and Warner Music), I wanted to use iClone and find ways to work faster in animation but keeping it original and unique.

Is it even possible for Beginner Solo Artists to make a scene that looks original and cool?

When it comes to Solo Artists the huge challenge we face is:

Especially when we are faced with tons of responsibilities in life after our 30s.

It's really tough to find the time to sit down, learn new things and enjoy what we wanted to do.

Because we know it always comes at a price.

Confusing Instructions in tutorials make it so much harder!

We spent days just learning the software, spending each hour figuring out all their little features that we'll never use and then we think we learned all about it, we mastered it but still we find those gaps of learning.

The Challenge of Confusing Tutorials

When it comes to working alone, the huge challenges we face is this:

"After learning from a Udemy course, I went to a YouTube tutorial and there was a big difference between what I learned and what was shown on YouTube. The part being shown on YouTube was missing for me."

-Cintia Szabó

Sculpting and modeling a character that looks amazing with a decent walk through the scene can take ages to create.

My head spins just by seeing how much it takes to create something that looks the way I imagined, remembering all those little details and features drains my whole energy and the day.

"I learned from Udemy, I understand the basics but whenever I go to youtube and try to copy something from the tutorial, the tutorial is 40 minutes and for me it's a day because they do tons of little adjustments all over the place and I don't understand why?"

-Cintia Szabó

Has this ever happened to you?

  • What's wrong with my character?
  • Even after following the tutorial for the whole day, why doesn't the results match?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Why am I even spending my days locked up inside my room?
  • Was it all for nothing?

Whenever we want to create something, it can feel impossible because most of the time we are all alone.

We don't have the time or the team to pull it off.

Modeling, sculpting in 3D, and rigging; learning it and doing it can take ages!

We respect your time

“With Iclone you throw stuff in and you are up and running, Iclone has helped me see the stuff I can’t see in my imagination and it's so fun”

-Helene from the U.S.

It's not too late, you don't have to spend months learning the software, and then a whole year to get that project finished. Nope!

That's totally a waste of time and we respect your time.

I am here to tell you, you can learn the essentials of the software in 2 weeks

After that, you can start creating your own scene in 1 hour.

That’s why I am so excited!

We want to help you make your scenes come to life!

Why the Industry Uses iClone

Because it saves a ton of TIME!

Zeng Xiancheng used iClone to create all his Game Assets in 2 months (characters, props, etc) using iClone and Character Creator.

His game, Bright Memory: Infinite is now available on Steam

Hollywood producer used iClone to save time and improve workflow.

James Dodson, Hollywood Executive Producer of Replicas, starting Keanu Reeves used iClone and Character Creator in their production for the Previz and Postviz of the movie.

“iClone and Character Creator ended up giving us a workflow that we just hadn’t expected at all. For the needs that arose as we developed Replicas, it proved to be the perfect solution during the postviz stage.”

-James Dodson, Hollywood Executive Producer of Replicas

You too can save tons of time in your animation productions.


What will you learn?

What will you get?

  • Online course with HD Video Tutorials
  • 10 Modules ordered and structured by difficulty
  • Clear step-by-step instructions anyone can follow
  • Project Files to practice what you learn
  • Time-Saving shortcuts cheat sheet
  • 1on1 Support to help you solve any sticking points you might face during the training

Inside you will find:

Learn the essentials of the software to get you up and running like a pro in no time, so you can start experimenting with pre-made content you can edit enough to make it your own.

All covered in the 4 Modules.

Module 1

Introduction and Getting Started

Learn the basics of the interface, accessing free content easily and fast, keeping your assets organized for easy access and also saving time using shortcuts to work faster.

Module 2

Using Pre-Made Content

Learn how you can get Pre-Made content so you build scenes super fast by just throwing stuff into iClone and get things up and running in no time.

Module 3

Creating and Editing

Learn how to create and edit the Pre-Made content so you can change it enough to make it your own and create something original.

Module 4

Building from Scratch

Learn how you can create original content from scratch that you can add to the pre-made content and make everything even more original and unique.

Module 5

Advanced Cinematic Mood

Learn how you can create 1 full scene with cinematic mood in 1 hour instead of 2 months. You will start from scratch, from having nothing on the workspace to the final scene.

Module 6

Fast Character Animation

Learn how to animate quickly by controlling your characters as if it was a video game, instead of the mind-boggling work of using complicated key-framing and adjusting.

Module 7

Animating Background Characters Automatically

Learn how you can have background characters and NPCs be animated super fast by just adjusting a couple of settings, pressing START, and just let the simulation start. It’ll be like playing SIMS.

Module 8

Face Expressions

Learn how you can do accurate lip sync in record time, and then adjusting emotional expressions to have amazing character performances for your animations using the Face Puppet and Face Key controls.

Module 9

Advanced Camera Movements

Make your scenes become exciting by learning how you can create great shots, using multiple cameras and creating advanced cinematography with precise camera trajectories.

Module 10

Adding Cameras to the Detective Scene

Learn how to tell a story using 6 different shots and camera positions to make the scene visually interesting and appealing so audiences like the stories you tell.

"What about experience?"

“Is there any experience required before starting this course?”

Nope! This training was designed for complete beginners who have never used iClone or any 3D Software.

The training covers the most fundamental navigation in 3D space so complete beginners can get great results after the course.


iClone only works on Windows.

You don't have to have iClone installed because in the training we cover how to get it and install it.

We don't recommend getting this software if you don't have a Windows PC.

If you use a Mac, you won't be able to install iClone because it's not available for Mac.

You can check the System Requirements to run iClone here.


Find out how easy and fun It is to make a scene in iclone using pre-made content that you can edit enough to make it your own

And discover how you can get 2 months of work in 1 hour.