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horrible things I say to myself

when I don’t like what I draw

horrible things I say to myself when I don’t like what I draw

"There are so many better artists than me, why would anyone need me?"

"Practicing is pointless for me, I can never catch up to my artist idols anyway.”

"No matter what I do, I don't have what it takes to be a creative professional."

"There is nothing in store for me in art"

"I'm just a try-hard person trying to do art, and secretly I know I will never be as good as them"

"The more I try to improve it, the worst it gets"

"I always feel that my art isn't that worthy, especially when I finish a piece and then I end up not posting on IG, and sometimes deleting it so nobody can see how bad I am at it."

These are actual things real students told me they say to themselves when they don’t like what they draw.

We call it:

the inner bully

This little prick is a voice that lives inside the heads of creative and artistic minds.

It’s there to help us find mistakes and improve our skills, but sometimes it can be too harsh and makes us feel worthless and tempting us to give up.

One student kindly shared 2 specific drawings where his inner bully started tormenting him.

Yes - there is room for improvement. Does that mean we need to beat ourselves down to the point of feeling miserable?

“ENOUGH! It’s time to improve!”

We say with confidence.

So we go to YouTube and Internet Tutorials, but there is so much information, it’s hard to know what links are useful and which ones are not.

It can get confusing.

One student wrote:

“I have tried to find these kinds of info about drawing or animation on every platform but didn't get much useful applicable info. I’ve tried Facebook, Twitter, deviant art, YouTube and many others. It’s all very confusing”

Another student wrote:

“When I try to do what the tutorial says, what I do doesn’t look as good as whay they show on screen. I don’t feel like I am improving at all.”

we need an upgrade

As you might know, we had a Drawing Training called The Rogue Mangaka, and it was composed of 3 stages.

If you were not able to get any of the Stages, then I am sorry to tell you that we just closed doors to that training yesterday.

Students who got it in time will have lifetime access to it, but we won’t be accepting new students to that training.


Because now we upgraded the Rogue Mangaka into the next revolutionary way of learning to draw faster.

After 2 years of research helping 817 Students improve their drawing skills, and having 1on1 calls with many of them, we found out a problem with that program.

You had to do through Drill Exercises that where effective, but painfully boring.

We thought of doing a Gamification Platform where you could deliver your exercises

Users could track how many drawings they were delivering, and they could get insights about their consistency when trying to draw every day.

It was good! (In theory at least)

We tracked the usage, and noticed that students used it for an average of 2-3 weeks, and then, they would stop using it.

After having 1on1 calls with some of you, most students would say things like: "I know, I am sorry, I will get back to it as soon as I finish something else”

Which is code for: “I got bored and I don’t want to do it anymore, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings”

For me this was a RED ALERT.

Yes, this training and the worksheets were effective. At the end you could be drawing like this:

The problem was THE PROCESS. It was, well… BORING.

To achieve that level, you had to go through painfully boring worksheets - it was around 1000 different drawings that students would usually quit.

Some few were very disciplined, and kept going, like Waylon Meyers.

waylon meyers before and after

But even Waylon had to stop those worksheets and do something else for his training, because it was not fun to do - the worksheets required tons of repetitions.

Our conclusion was Effective + Boring = Procrastination Forever.

That is the problem we also see in the traditional school system.

Yes! If you read those academic books, do your homework, and pass your exams, you become knowledgeable.

The problem is that... IT’S FREAKING BORING!

A very candid review I got from a student who I became really good friends with said:

"I found Rogue Mangaka a little soul-destroying in its methodology” -John MacDonald.


John - If I could give you a medal for your honesty, I would. Thanks!

After reading this, another student wrote to me saying:

“I thought I was the only one getting bored with the exercises! I felt so bad about it, but now after reading this, I feel a huge relief.”

You see, these are the type of comments WE LOVE to hear because those are the ones who help us find the problem with our training.

If we know you are honest, and you later tell us that you are loving our course, we know it’s good :D

That is why we are now creating a brand new powerful training built from the ground up, we are working our brains out to make it fun, and getting feedback on every new challenge we set for our students.

Introducing: Drawing for animation masterclass.


Where we are taking the best of Rogue Mangaka, giving it a twist, and presenting it in a more interesting way that Students actually enjoy.

The new twist we have is:

Very simple formula, BUT IT WORKS!

we accept students of all levels

We are especially looking for beginners with no drawing skills.

But if you already have experience, we also have a place for you.

Before you start your training, you go through a series of tests to find out “where you are” in terms of skill.

And then, you can continue your training from there.

If you are a beginner - you start from the very beginning.

If you already have some experience in drawing, depending on your test scores, you might start training in the advanced material.

here are some examples

The beginner challenges start from mastering just one line and dividing it in parts:

And an advanced example is from a challenge that Milkyas, one of our Pre-Beta testers is doing in this training. He has mastered 1-Dimensional Thinking and 2-Dimentional Thinking, and now he is doing exercises to start thinking in 3D.

The challenge consisted in taking a drawing he liked from the internet, and pick some element he liked from it.

In this case, he picked the Skull hanging on his side. Then he is to take that skull and draw it in as many angles as he can, he has to imagine it as a 3D Shape.

This is what he told me after the session for that challenge:

And in the sessions prior to making this training public, students were having so much fun testing ideas.

Not only that, but we also brough in Masters from the Industry to help you get results faster.




Chris YenBM and Hero will be giving you feedback, encouragement and tips to improve.

Together they have worked on Blockbuster Anime Shows like:


one punch man

fate/grand order


Black Fox

The Outcast

Sword Art Online


The genius of this new approach we are taking to teach how to draw is that, to really master anatomy in a fun way, the best thing you can do is practice with a rough sketch animation.

This is an example of the Advanced Tests to do when you start combining Perspective + Anatomy drawing.

perspective + anatomy

30-drawing challenge

perspective + anatomy
30-drawing challenge

If the challenge is to complete:

30 drawings of Human Anatomy in different poses

For a total time investment of 3 hours

Which approach sounds

more interesting to do?

Which approach sounds more interesting to do?

Notice that instead of boring yourself to death by repeating the same anatomy drawing again and again, you just create a sequence of a character moving - using many different anatomy positions.

Both take 3 hours to do and

Both need 30 drawings for different sketches of body poses...

And yet... somehow both feel different.

You can clearly see that one is way more fun to do than the other. Just quick sketches to practice anatomy can be A LOT OF FUN when you have the guidance of the masters.

The exciting thing is that, instead of thinking of a static drawing, you start thinking of drawings that have movement.

After a full session of drawing and drawing, just hitting the play button and watching your drawings come to life feels like nothing else.

It’s like you are creating magic.

the most fun & entertaining

way of learning how to draw is by

watching your drawings come to life

the most fun & entertaining way of learning how to draw is by watching your drawings come to life

After drawing for a long time, hitting play and watching it move feels like a REWARD at the end of the day.

A great way to finish your practice session with a big smile!

simple 8-drawings

An example. For one of the Anatomy Challenges you need to do a simple sequence of character turning around and doing an action in 8 drawings.

Instead of doing 8 different drawings to practice 8 positions, you put them all in sequence, hit play and you get this.

10-drawing head turn

Instead of practicing 10 different head positions and bore yourself to death...

You put it inside a simple frame by frame animation software, and then...



Our training has so much dedication, passion, testing and proof that it works, that we decided to go with a lifetime guarantee.

If you apply and complete the challenges and you don’t get results, we give you back your money and you keep the course.

frequently asked questions

The course starts now and ends whenever you are satisfied with your skills! We will be having Weekly live sessions for a year. After that you will have lifetime access to go through the challenges at your own pace.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course and all the recordings for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.


This is course is offered exclusively on 2DAnimation101.

All sessions will be recorded, so you don't have to worry, you can check them later at your own time.


You can download all sessions for offline access.

Both - You will learn how to Draw well, and if you want to take the animation challenges, you will also learn how to animate like the professionals. The training is primarily focused on teaching you how to draw anything you can imagine, and to make drawing more fun, we are doing the simple animation challenges. After you master drawing, you can continue in this training polishing your animation skills (which is the natural continuation to drawing) to reach industry standard quality that gets you hired.


After you master the Drawing Fundamentals, we will support you to master any style you want.

The main power you will develop is the power to draw whatever you can imagine. If you can imagine Hanna Barbera character, you will be able to draw them. If you can imagine Marvel characters, you will be able to draw them.

Yes - This training is an evolution - an UPGRADED version of the Rogue Mangaka. It gets you faster results, and you have more fun.

You can get an upgrade at a lower price.

If you have the Rogue Mangaka Stage 2, you can get an upgrade for $497 USD - Click here for the upgrade

If you have the Rogue Mangaka Stage 3, you can get an upgrade for $197 USD - Click here for the upgrade

NOTE: If you are not Logged In, or you don't own Stage 2 or Stage 3, it will redirect to the Free Online Class

Contact Support, and we can arrange an upgraded plan where we take the remaining payments and distribute the upgrade cost through those payments.

Example: If you have 4 remaining payments of $29 USD because of an offer you took on the launch - then we can arrange you plan to 4 payments of $78.25 USD (you stop paying for the Rogue Mangaka, keep lifetime access to it, and you unlock Drawing for Animation Masterclass).

Contact us to [email protected] and we will settle this upgraded plan.

For drawing, you only need pencil, paper and a printer (to print challenges).

Now... to have more fun drawing, we recommend any app or software that lets you do simple frame by frame Animation

We support Krita, TVPaint, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop and the Flipaclip App

You can adjust your deadline as needed. The main goal is to push you to your best version and fight procrastination.

Challenges will come in 3 levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. If you are slow or a complete novice, you will find that the Easy Challenges are 100% doable in the realistic timeframes.



If for any reason, you decide you didn't like the course, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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