Jorge Luque




Hello, my name is Jorge, and I’m a game developer, I’m a programmer mainly, not really an artist, and that’s what made me tryout Rogue Mangaka because I always wanted to get good at drawing, and being able to get these characters and little these ideas from my head, down into actual paper and games eventually.

And for a long time I kind of had this mentality of, “Ok maybe art is something I’m just bad at” because another is always really sucked at it, and I though, “Ok maybe the only way for me to get good is like, go back to being 2 years old, and like start drawing when I’m 2. But never really going to happen.

So I tried the Rogue Mangaka and I had a really good experience so far, because everything is broken down into easy to follow steps, and those easy to follow steps are even broken further into micro steps, where, you know, you can really come from a zero back background, zero art experience and like start with the basics, and start building up from there.

You know, and I definitely found it a lot easier to stick with this program because, all the videos are well structured, you know, you can just watch the next lesson, watch the next lesson, and everything is building up, as opposed to, you know, when I tried to go to YouTube, for example, and watch like a speed painting, and I watched somebody go from like a zero to like a full master piece in a like a super super fast video and didn’t really learned much from it. And after watching the video, I had no idea of how to like, replicate that, whatever they did.

And what I really like about Mark and the Rogue Mangaka, he not only teaches about art, he teaches about the education process itself, and you know, how people learn, what makes people stick with things.

I think learning something new is not just about learning the subject itself, but it’s also a process of personal development and overcoming a lot of things in your own life, in your own mind, or whatever, it’s like, doubt that you can be good, or fear that people will laugh at things or, you know, discipline, or being motivated and all these things, and I think that Mark does a very good job of incorporating both the education about… the process of education and also education on art, and how to draw, and all that stuff.

So I really have been enjoying the Rogue Mangaka, it’s super super funny, I have been a 100% awaken on every episode or every lesson. I say episode because it almost feels like a TV show sometimes, just the way that Mark explains things and, he uses like little doodles, or like drawings to explain concepts and explain what he is saying, and it’s just like super fun, it’s just like watching one of those, you know, people who draw like comic animations, and they put them on YouTube and it’s like, it’s been a really fun experience to watch.

Yeah. I just wanted to show you that with you, and thank you so much for making a great lesson.