Jacqueline Gill Oliveira




Hello, my name is Jacqueline, and I want to share my experience with the Rogue Mangaka Course.

And, is a very complete course, the videos explained with great detail and character drawing process, and the course also provides you the practice materials.

I indeed, they do take into account the comfort of the student. I mean, where the student if you have a digital tablet of 300 or 800, they provide you the material for that.

Or if you just like to draw using a pencil and paper, or if you like to draw using a software you can do that as well, they provide you a special video for that, and you are ready.

Then when you finish, you just take a photo or a screen of what you drew, and you send into the training center that is the web app, where they can just give you a result or a score about your drawing.

And it’s just that easy.

And the best part is that you can see the results in just weeks, I mean is so easy to learn the way they explain it. And if you are a bad at it, like me, a person who cannot wait to see the results, you can see that you are… if you just like this style of drawing you will learn, very fast.

And what I personally love about this course is that you can see that they just put so much love and care to just make this course just for the person like us, who just like to draw, or starting to draw anime, specially.

And the best thing is that, anyone can draw, you just need to have a pencil again, and draw it.