Nguyen Trinh




Hello, I am Nguyen from Vietnam. The Drawing is not my skill. I am Network Computer Engineer. But I love to draw and I want to change my career. Special for Manga, I like a lot of Manga movies. So I want to draw. But there are a lot of information and technical also on YouTube.

But I didn't know where to start. Fortunately, I found Mark when he did a talk on Ted "Trying hard doesn't work", and I love his speech very much, and I knew where I have to start. Then I joined the Rouge Mange course, and I really enjoyed it.

He made it very easy to understand for a beginner like me. The video is not boring, it's fun. At the end of each lesson you have a lot of exercise to do to improve your skill and if you are looking for the course for beginner. I think this course for you.

Cheers, Hope you enjoy it like me.