Christian Pusch




Hey guys,

My name's Christian and I'm currently enrolled to the Rogue Mangaka Stage 1 and the Rogue Animator Course. I've also taken some courses by 2D-Animation beforehand, such as the Character Design For Animation in Illustrator and many more.

I desperately wanted to become an animator, however, searching on Youtube didn't make me any wiser. Luckily, I stumbled across 2D Animation with Mark teaching me how to draw a character for animation and to rig it successfully.

After completing the course I was overwhelmed that it can be actually so easy! So there was no doubt that I'd take the Rogue Animator course to make my own very first original animation from beginning to end.

I have not finished the course yet, but I can definitely say that I learned quite a lot and that I probably wouldn't make it with my prior knowledge.

Whilst I was doing the Rogue Animator a new program launched, called the Rogue Mangaka. I kind of love Mark's way of teaching and therefore I enrolled to the course. I have to admit that after taking many of 2D Animation 101's courses the instructor, Mark, is repeating himself quite often. If you are new drawing Manga or to 2D Animation, this course will be perfect for you. Otherwise you may find yourself being bored by some lessons because he is just repeating himself over and over again.

I would also love to have a book I can print out with all the steps, so I can take a closer look and probably draw outside as well without taking my laptop with me (to me that's very important especially in summer). It can be often annoying to go back and watch something again. Mark does offer a transcript sometimes to his course, unfortunately that's a transcript and not a summary of all the important information. This means that his jokes are also included which often don't make any sense when just reading the script.

I'm actually a big fan of the new gaming system which is very engaging and motivating. 2D Animation 101 found a way of teaching that is not very common these days and I'm sure it is very successful, whilst being funny.

So to sum all of the information up:

If you are more likely someone who wants to evolve very fast and is capable of memorizing shortcuts and understanding programs in a short period of time, this course may be boring at some time. However, you will still gain lots of knowledge!

If you love gaming and watching videos this system will perfectly fit for you. Mark's enthusiasm is very engaging and funny at the same time

If you are not sure about taking one of 2D Animation 101's course just give it a try, sign up for a free course and see if you like it or not! I'm sure you won't regret it!