Wolfgang Lessat




Hello, welcome to the video about the drawing course, Rogue Mangaka. My name is Wolfgang Lessat.

This is my first video performance, I produced it for my blog.

I am a student at Rogue Mangaka.

Rogue Mangaka is a drawing course for people who like to draw, and to improve their drawing skills. The online course Rogue Mangaka can be found at 2DAnimation101.com

The online teacher is Mark. He teaches beginners and other students around the world.

The specialty about this lesson is, it developes a set of small steps for learning. Each contour will be practiced several times, as the requirements are slowly increased.

I learned it’s not enough just to learn how to draw a figure. Perhaps a long term practice is required.

It might just sound simple, practice a long time by imitating, then you will be better, but it’s not easy to keep it going for the long term, at least not for me.

Mark helps to stay motivated, I like the exercise sheets. And each exercise first different eyes, then the face, the hair, then all tasks are repeated, but every time there is less help lines.

But the best of all, you can sign up for free, the Rogue Mangaka for Beginners, is possible to check whether you like it, that’s for today.

Thanks for listening.

Bye bye from Arnbruck.