Philip Song

United States



I'll try to keep this short as possible so,

I will just say I am very grateful for this course. I've tried watching other drawing videos, and they were boring, not very helpful.

I still cannot draw, but right now I am learning.

And I really like how this course is designed. I really like how interactive it is, and I really like how I can just download the videos and practice sheets, so I can practice and learn even when I don't have the Internet.

My main criticism, is I wish there was some kind of transcript for each episode because, it's faster to just read it and get to the point, and I don't like having to listen to the voice and wait for it (like I'm doing right now).

And finally, I'll try to say this in Spanish:

¿Qué pedo, Mark Diaz? Muchas gracias por el curso de Rogue Mangaka. Tengo grandes esperanzas para ti, y ¡Buena suerte!

(What's up Mark Diaz? Thank you very much for the Rogue Mangaka course. I have great hopes for you, and good luck!)