Paul Cafuk

From the United States



Hi there, Paul Cafuk.

I’ve been in the Rogue Mangaka course for probably 6 months now, I haven’t drawn for about 30 or so years, picked up my pencil, listened to what Mark and the Team were saying to do and, by God, my memory on how to do this stuff is just Fantastic.

This is a great course if you just want to, you know, learn how to draw manga, I found it to be the preferred style I like to draw on.

It’s great, the way they teach you how to draw stuff to 6 or 7 stages, and levels per drawing, really helps you commit it to memory.

I took a little time off from drawing about 2 weeks or so, and sat down on my iPad, and picked up my pencil and Lo and Behold, everything that they had taught has sunk right in.

If you are serious about drawing and you want to do it, then I suggest you take the Rogue Mangaka Course, start with the beginner, fine if you like it.

Then move on to the hobbyists, that’s where I am at, and it’s been a great time.

I really appreciate everything they’ve done, and hope to see you in the classes that we have once a month, and… Good luck.