Omar Chakir




Hi I’m Omar.

I am passionate about animation, drawing, drawing characters and everything related to that.

So you’ll guess I wanted to learn it. Then I started to search the internet for “learn drawing”, “learn animation”, and everything related to stuff like that.

But I was kind of lost. So I made my mind and decided to look for something structured and serious.

When I found 2DAnimation101.

So I started my journey with them, with 2DAnimation101. I took the first course I started with drawing the basics for example, drawing eyes, lot of eyes, I have here.

I drew a lot of eyes here, for example in these sheets, and it’s structured, actually how it’s structured so you won’t get lost, so you learn step by step for example:

If I take the medium rounded eyes, we start drawing with the guidelines, you can se we have guidelines; then with less guidelines, then in a blank paper, it’s how it proceeds.

I draw myself the lines I want.

And you can draw in paper or in a computer with a graphic tablet, it’s up to you, for example.

And what I am sincerely thankful to Mark and 2DAnimation101 for is the fact that it’s not just a mere technical side, it’s deeper than that.

I can see it’s animation education. I can say that. Why?

Because, first, before teaching us how to draw and the animation, it teaches us the basics, what is animation.

How anyone can be an artist, anyone. And how you can live and make a living from art, and from animation. That is possible.

And besides that you learn also some things related to personal development, time management, procrastination, self-improvement in general and I just finished a course called Time Management for Animators, where Mark teaches us how time is often an illusion, and is an illusion and how to retake control of it.

Time is an illusion and how to take control with it with an application and with a schedule, and everything is structured, and everything is explained in the course.

So, I am very thankful to the 2DAnimation101 team for that.

Is more than just a drawing animation, it's an education, so thank you.