Ian Skeirik

United States



So, hey, I am. My name is Ian Skeirik, and I… was one of the people that tried out Rogue Mangaka, and just how good it is as a lesson, and I am super happy about it, and I really really loved it, and it was really really helpful.

And the thing is, Rogue Mangaka, it’s absolutely most helpful for people who are level zero, because whenever you are level zero, the stuff on YouTube just does not make sense.

You know… unless you have like 1-on-1 time with the teacher, being on level… trying to go from level zero to getting any better than that, can be really really frustrating, and Rogue Mangaka is not that way.

He goes step by step and it’s just so much easier, and I actually can repeat what it is that I draw, and if I get something right it’s not like 1 in a million chance, it’s like, I know what I did, and I know how it works, and like… yeah. It’s just, it’s something that’s really really nice for level zero, and you can really build up from there. And it’s really doable, and I really really appreciate it.

And also, another thing that I wanna say about the Rogue Mangaka is the fact that because I have ADHD, it’s really really hard for me to read, which, it sounds unrelated but I promise it’s related, and the reason it’s related it’s because Mark Diaz reads a lot.

Mark Diaz reads so much, and the thing is, whenever, oh gally. Whenever I try to get into a field and I have to read everything associated with that field, is like impossible, it’s such, such a bother but, Mark Diaz can, he’s just, he’s read virtually everything, and he agrevate… he like… he understands business.

He even understands business management, which I, whenever I, if I ever get in a business associated with drawing, then like, that’ll be a while but Mark Diaz knows how to do that.

He also understands how to do time management, and he understands how to do different styles, he understands like all the different styles, he understands the different styles, even though because it’s level 1, you know, for level 1 people, he hasn’t taught that much yet, but he understands it, absolutely.

And he understands how to get you better, and better and better at it, and how to get you able to reproduce what’s good, and that’s like so great.

The fact that he takes all these different things from all these different people and he aggregates it all into one area, it’s like so helpful, especially for people who have trouble reading as much as I do.

I am so, so thankful that he helps me out that way.

And I am so thankful that his lessons are level zero friendly, or level 1, whatever, I’ve been sweeping and swapping but it doesn’t matter, you get the point.

It’s really helpful, and I really really appreciate it, and yeah.

It doesn’t require a lot of money, you can literally just print it out, if you can get to a printer at a public school library, then you are set, pencil, paper, and a printer somewhere, and you are good.

Like it’s amazing. I love it so much.

It’s like, I actually funded the Kickstarter, but you can start it for free and either way it’s worth every penny.

Mark Diaz knows his stuff, like he has it figured out down path.

And I really appreciate everything I learned from him, and I also find that, after everything I learned from him, I am actually able to sort of understand how different people are drawing, like, I learned enough that I can notice, I can notice whenever someone is sad, like how the eye, the top of the eye bends downward to show sadness, I can sort of, read… when I watch my favorite animes I can sort of see, Oh! Ok so that eye structure, he actually drew the bottom, like some anime, they have the eye, like the actual circle of the eye just go underneath, and not actually have the bottom eyelid, sometimes they draw the bottom of the eyelids, sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes how they express sadness is, you know, bending the eye downward, and just having tears and changing the pupil color, like… after taking his lessons, I can actually process what it looks like when other people draw it, and what they are doing uniquely about their style, and what um, just… The Rogue Mangaka lessons, I’ve been learning enough, that I can just enjoy doodling eyes and faces on my own time.

And not only that, but also I’ve been learning enough that I can actually look at some other mangaka’s work, and I can say, “Oh, they did this! This was their recipe for how to draw an eye, this was their recipe for how to draw a face”.

And it’s just, it has taught me enough, even just from level 1, literally just from level 1, it has already taught me enough that I can process what other artists do, and I can learn from… Rogue Mangaka was so friendly for level 1 people, that it not only teaches you how to draw on its own, but it also teaches you well enough, and structured enough, and successfully enough that you can actually process information from other sources that you weren’t able to process before, I promise.

I was not really able to understand, how other people did that before, but after practicing eyes enough with the Rogue Mangaka, I don’t know why, but I really like trying eyes, I just, I enjoy them the most, they are so much fun.

After drawing eyes enough being taught by Rogue Mangaka, I can sort of understand how other mangakas draw eyes, and it’s just, it’s not only empowered me to draw on my own, but it’s empowered me to learn from just about anywhere, it’s empowered me to learn in ways that I was not able to do before, and it’s just, it’s so much, it’s infinitely better that anything you can find on YouTube or elsewhere.

And if you are level zero, bro, this is the time to start.

You will not regret it.