Ach Hadda




Hello there, Ach here.

I’m a motion designer, 2D, 3D animator.

Today I wanted to talk to you about a course from 2DAnimation101 called the Rogue Mangaka.

And this course which you’ll see here is basically, when you see it is like: “Yeah, is like any other courses” or stuff like that. Which is actually not the case.

You might ask how there is a difference between this course and other courses, because you know, speaking when you are talking about drawing, we are talking about that you probably need a mentor, you need a lot of training which is actually true most of the time, and finally, you need somebody who teaches you kind of a system, and that’s exactly what this course does.

It gives you a system that makes you, gives you the ability to basically draw much, much better than you used to, because it goes through the power of habit, like you’re going to exercise your muscle memories on how to draw, and so, after a while, you will be able to draw a lot, a lot better.

Because of this I’m going to show you what happened to me through like 2 months of training.

As you can see here, this is how I used to draw, not really fancy, it’s “okeyish”.

But yeah, the drawing isn’t broken, the eyes aren’t in the right placement, stuff like that.

But now, I am able to draw stuff like this.

Which is pretty cool, huh?

And stuff like this.

Which is actually impressive if you see from where I came, to where I am today.

If we do this, we can see like the difference between the 2, which is why I want to make this testimonial about this course because it really made me improve quite fast.

So yeah.

I totally recommend the course, the results speak for themselves, again, I’m Ach, I am a 2D Animation and Motion Designer as you can see here in my website.

Anyways. Thanks for watching and I hope it was entertaining for you to know about this course and remove all the hesitation you have.

Have a nice day.