Frank Kochjar




Hi there, I’m Frank and I’m a quite busy university student, but I had the dream to become good at drawing Manga correctly.

So, I was searching the web, and you know, I found some tutorials on YouTube but it was not so greatly organized, and I didn’t make any progress.

But then, I found the Rogue Mangaka Course.

I was really happy because it was organized so I could go little by little, step by step. And to learn anything properly, not like, you know, on YouTube there is like, you can draw, you draw this, then there you draw that, but it’s like, it’s not organized. But here it is really good and done step by step.

Then, is really good to do this course, because it’s fun. Yeah because, you know, I don’t like boring videos, but doing this course was really entertaining, I really liked it.

And also there is gamification platform that fun elements from game are taken and put into this activity, so it’s more like you have motivation to do it. Because I had you know, like um’ struggling with motivation, and it was awesome that I found something that like, increased my motivation.

So, like, you can see here…

Here is my workspace, and here is like, what I draw, in these, these exercises that are in this course that you should do, and it’s also because you can see how you make progress, and you are better and better every day.

So, I really like it.

So, I recommend all of you that you should take this course, because is like organized, it’s fun, and it’s a proper buy. It’s like, not some… at the cost is not just, they want money but, it’s really like for students.

I can see that he put so much effort, the author Mark Diaz into this course, so I really, like, recommend it.

So, if you also have a dream to become good at drawing Manga correctly, so, do it.