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The step-by-step system to learn how to prepare and control your characters in the fastest way possible.

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Learn to rig quickly using our:

Customize swiftly by changing eyes, nose, mouth & more for a unique character in no time.

Design efficiently. Save time by skipping repetitive drawings for sprite changes.

Design for a Pre-Made rig; swap elements & get a fully rigged 360° head instantly.

Imagine rigging characters in Cartoon Animator without breaking a sweat

Zipping through the process like a pro, all while avoiding the dreaded rigging headaches.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, buckle up, because we're about to turn that dream into reality!

You see, rigging has been branded as a "necessary evil" in the animation world. It's necessary because it helps you animate faster, but evil because it can cause countless headaches and frustration.

What if I told you rigging doesn't have to be a "necessary evil"?

What if you could rig with ease and still create amazing animations?

Take it from one of our successful students, LuckyPlanet who said:

"I never rig anything from scratch because I don't know how."


And yet look at his rig:

Instead of rigging something from scratch, he relied on the "pre-made rig" method we teach that allowed him to bypass the complexities of rigging without sacrificing the quality of his animations.

Another of our students said:

"I used your method of customization simply because I don't know how to draw."

-Sophia Samuels

Our approach enables even those who lack drawing skills to create impressive, original characters.

She managed to do it without spending endless hours mastering the art of drawing.

It's entirely possible to rig original characters without knowing how to draw.

By following our innovative approach, you can sidestep the headaches and confusion that usually accompany rigging and still bring your unique characters to life.

Keep reading because we're about to dive into the world of rigging.

We'll expose its challenges, bust some common myths, and, most importantly, show you how to rig like a pro without all the hassle.

Rigging is HARD!

As you've probably experienced, rigging characters in Cartoon Animator can be a downright tedious and difficult process.

You may have spent countless hours trying to get your characters just right, only to face roadblock after roadblock.

The fact is, rigging can be an incredibly complex and confusing endeavor, leaving even the most dedicated animators scratching their heads and nursing their rigging-induced headaches.

Creating original characters presents its own set of challenges

Feeling lost

Without proper guidance or expertise, users can feel lost, unsure of where to begin or how to navigate the intricate world of rigging.

This struggle often results in animators feeling overwhelmed and unable to bring their unique visions to life.

More features,
more confusion

Even with the introduction of new features like vector characters, the rigging process remains far from smooth sailing.

While vector characters have the potential to be a game-changer, the complexity of their rigs can lead to a whole new set of issues.

Detached arms, disappearing eyes, and other frustrating glitches can make animators question whether these new features are worth the trouble.

Given these challenges, it's no wonder that animators are on a never-ending quest to find the easiest method for rigging — one that doesn't sacrifice quality.

After all, who wouldn't want a more streamlined, user-friendly way to create incredible animations?

The demand for a simpler rigging process is high, and for good reason.

Nobody wants to spend endless hours wrestling with a stubborn rig when they could be focusing on the fun, creative aspects of animation.

Avoid the headaches

Mental fatigue

In summary, rigging in Cartoon Animator can be a real headache due to its complex, confusing nature and the struggles users face when trying to create original characters.

Searching for answers

This leaves animators searching for the easiest method to rig their characters without compromising quality, and that's precisely what we're here to provide.

Stay tuned, because we're about to reveal the solution you've been waiting for, but first…

From the many emails I have read, I have seen some horror stories described by students.

  • Frustration of wrestling with a stubborn rig can leave even the most passionate artists feeling drained and disheartened.
  • Many students report that the rigging has become a source of pain and suffering rather than an exciting part of the creative process.
  • The stress of trial and error seems like a burden animators must bear.
  • As they painstakingly experiment with various rigging techniques, they feel like they’re running in circles, unsure of how to achieve the perfect rig.
  • The anxiety and time wasted on these repeated attempts usually take a significant toll on their motivation, leaving them questioning whether it's all worth it.
  • Even after investing countless hours and effort into rigging, they find themselves staring at a mediocre result that falls short of their expectations.

If this happens to you, it can be a crushing blow to your confidence and a setback that no animator wants to experience.


Useless sacrifice of time and energy

The sacrifice of time and energy that goes into rigging characters is substantial, often with little to show for it.

Why waste time trying to figure it our on your own when you could be focusing on the more enjoyable aspects of animation?

Instead, many students are pouring their heart and soul into a process that seems to offer more pain than gain.

It's clear that a better solution is needed

One that can alleviate these rigging pains and reignite your love for animation.

And that's exactly what we're about to share with you.

A NEW QUEST: In search for the “Unbreakable Rig”

I noticed that so many students were describing rigging as a "necessary evil” — a process that was essential for animation but also caused a lot of pain and frustration.

As I talked to more and more students, I realized that this sentiment was shared by many.

So, I became determined to find a faster and easier rigging method that could change the game for these students.

Finding a way

I knew there had to be a way to make rigging more accessible and enjoyable without sacrificing quality.

After investing a significant amount of time in research and development, I finally discovered the speed rigging techniques that would simplify the rigging process.

With these techniques in hand, I saw many of our students successfully applying them on various projects with great success!

The results were astounding.

Not only did the rigging process become faster and more efficient, but the overall quality of their projects also improved dramatically.

It was like a breath of fresh air, and I knew I had to share this breakthrough with others who were struggling with rigging.

Now, let me give you some insights into how these speed rigging techniques have impacted their work.

Students have successfully applied these methods to numerous projects, and each time, the outcome has been remarkable.

Their characters have come to life with smooth and fluid animations, and the rigging process has become more of a joy than a chore.

The impact of this solution has been nothing short of transformative.

You will see characters take on a new level of realism and expression that you never thought possible, all thanks to the power of speed rigging.


And the best part is that our students are no longer spending countless hours wrestling with complicated rigs and facing endless frustration.

But don't just take my word for it—listen to the success stories from others who have benefited from these techniques.

They've experienced firsthand how speed rigging has made a world of difference in their work, helping them create incredible animations without the headaches and heartaches that once seemed inevitable.


I'm excited to share this breakthrough with you and help you revolutionize your rigging process.

Say goodbye to the "necessary evil" and hello to the future of rigging!

Hi, I am Mark Diaz, CEO of, TEDx speaker with more than 200K views.

In 2018 I gave a talk at TEDx, explaining how everyone can become an extraordinary artist by investing their time properly.

My main message was that you don’t have to be born with the talent, you can develop it over time.

Then, after becoming a certified instructor at Reallusion, I became more and more interested in using our time effectively to work faster and faster using Cartoon Animator, iClone and Character Creator.

And after 13+ years of filmmaking and camerawork as co-founder of Alchemy (who now is a studio working with big clients like Amazon, Universal, and Warner Music), I wanted to use Reallusion products and find ways to work faster in animation but keeping it original and unique.

What will you get?

  • Online Course with 12+ hours of HD Videos
  • 7 Levels structured in order of Difficulty
  • Printable Workbooks for faster learning and review
  • Live feedback ON THE SPOT from Mark Diaz during live ArtWarz Classes.
  • Discussion, Support and rigging reviews during the live sessions.
  • Lifetime Access to the Online Course.
  • Access to Exclusive Discord Server to Post Rigs, Animation exercises, Work in Progress snapshots, and Daily Practice.


Inside this Online Course you will get Structured Learning

7 Levels in order of difficulty

Become a Speed Rigging master by going through 7 levels in order of difficulty, from super easy ones for quick wins and a confidence boost, all the way to the challenging stuff where you'll nail those top-tier speed rigging tricks.

Level 1

Riging Simple Vectors

Learn to swiftly animate characters sourced from FreePik by adding bones in Cartoon Animator 5 & 4. A primer on quick vector animation.

Level 2

Rigging Layered Vectors

Decide between PSD or vector characters based on complexity. Explore why PSDs are sometimes preferable even in Cartoon Animator 5.

Level 3

Swapping Technique

Master the speed-rigging art of swapping. Customize characters by altering eyes, face, and other elements for diverse animation outcomes.

Level 4

Smart Rigging using Smart Design

Design universally compatible characters. Learn to integrate various elements for a richer, more versatile character pool.

Level 5

Smart Character Design

Unlock the secrets of original character creation. Navigate style influences, from Anime, to Disney, to DC, ensuring your designs meld seamlessly with Cartoon Animator's capabilities.

Level 6

Using Pre-Made Rigs

Harness the power of premade rigs for original designs. Achieve quality animation quickly by tweaking rather than building from scratch.

Level 7

Speed Design AI Art

Transform epic AI-generated images into animated wonders. Break down images for animations resembling dynamic mobile app game banners.


in cartoon animator 5

It includes PDFs and Cheat Sheets to help you Solve Rigging Problems Faster


Join this group of amazing artists under construction who support each other to improve faster.

Together we can master rigging characters fast in Cartoon Animator collaborating inside the ArtWarz Discord Group.

Join us. This community is a place where you interact with others and have fun together. A place with no backbiting – Why? because you are not trying to beat others and become better than them.

2DA101 is a place where students support each other. A place where you don’t compete against others, you only compete against yourself.

Your primary goal:
To become better than yesterday.

Seeing people with less skills than you getting better and seeing them growing is so inspiring that you keep going and going because you know is also possible for you.

You see others struggle, share their fears and insecurities, and then you realize: "Heck! I feel the same too!” And then you start supporting each other and growing together.

If at any point you feel afraid, sad, angry, feel insecure or even feel like you are stuck, you can ask for support and we will be there for you.

Students have experienced a great response and support in less than 24 hrs thanks to our active members, certified instructors, and admins who visit the group regularly.

"What about experience?"

“Is there any experience required before starting this online course?”


This covers each technique in a way that any beginner can follow along.

If anything is unclear, you can get support from the community or directly from Mark.

The point of this training is for beginners to get started and become masters fast.

Of course, if you have some rigging experience you will get even better and faster results.


You need Cartoon Animator 4 (if you use PSDs) or Cartoon Animator 5 (if you want to use Vector Characters)

Also you will need to have access to a Discord accout (you can create 1 for free to join the group)

And Finally, you will need a PSD Editor and (if you have CTA5) a Vector Software.

Mark will be using CTA5, Photoshop and Illustrator, but he will provide support on Affinity Photo, Clip Studio and Krita.

"What if I don’t like the course?"



We offer a 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee, no questions asked.

If for any reason, you decide you didn't like the course, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.


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  • Full Access to Online Course
  • 7 Levels structured in order of Difficulty
  • Total of 12 hours of Classes with time for practice.
  • Live feedback ON THE SPOT from Mark Diaz during live ArtWarz Sessions.
  • Discussion, Support and Rigging reviews in the ArtWarz Discord Server.
  • Lifetime Access to the Course.
  • Access to Exclusive Discord Server to Post Rigs, Animation exercises, Work in Progress snapshots, and Daily Practice.
  • FREE BONUS: ArtWarz: 30-Day Challenge for Habit Building

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  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • Discussion, Support and Animation reviews in the ArtWarz Discord Server.
  • Support from me, our Certified Instructors or the community on work delivered in the Discord Server.
  • Learn more about Create Your Animated Series in Cartoon Animator 5

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  • Everything from Speed Rigging, plus…
  • Access to Rigging Mastery in Cartoon Animator 4
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • Discussion, Support and Rigging reviews in the ArtWarz Discord Server.
  • Support from me, our Certified Instructors or the community on work delivered in the Discord Server.
  • Learn more about Rigging Mastery

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