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Hi I am Mark Diaz and after taking Howard’s course, I gotta say, it’s really, really good.

I remember when I was a kid, how every Saturday I woke up early to start watching cartoons on a famous ancient artifact called “Television”, have you heard of it?

(Psst! Cellphone users don’t know it still exists)

I wouldn’t miss those early shows for anything in the world. I would watch Saint Seya and Dragon Ball Z among many others.


From Dragon Ball Z, I got an inspiring idea that no matter what, if you trained hard, you could become super powerful. We would see Goku train super hard for several episodes, becoming stronger and stronger to face more powerful enemies.

It was a very emotional and exciting way to tell kids:

“Hey, no matter how tough life is, you can win any challenge if you train hard.”

There are so many intense emotions when we face difficult challenges in our lives.


Imagine a regular 40-year old average Joe who just got laid off from his job.

Let’s say he was raised watching Dragon Ball Z and believes that any challenge can be overcome when you train hard.

How do you think he would react? Will he simply bit the dust and give up? Or will he do what Goku would?

Goku analogy on animation

What would Goku do? When Goku (spoiler alert) gets killed when he sacrifices himself to save his son in the battle against Raditz, what does he do? Does he cry for an eternity in the after life? No! He starts training super hard with King Kai and learns to do the Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb).

With this emotional journey when things get tough, what would this 40-year old Joe who has just been laid off do? If he got inspired by Goku’s determination, then he would be training super hard for this battle and become stronger.

In the real world, instead of learning the Genki Dama, he would learn to develop social skills for better networking, becoming better at job interviews, etc. All of those are things in which people can be trained.

metaphor of goku training for Genki Dama and Joe traings to upgrade his skills

Akira Toriyama, the writer of the original Dragon Ball manga has inspired many people around the world.

What if you could become the Akira Toriyama of your kids?

How would they grow up?

What if you could create strong emotional stories that inspire your loved ones?

Take a moment right now…

Happy parent with kids playing

Imagine the faces of those you love, brighten with a smile, demanding excitedly: “Dad! When are you doing the next one?!”

It would feel amazing, right?

One problem though...

Whatever you are doing is not enough to touch people. Maybe you have values you want to promote but they are just not sinking in.

Then you decide to give animation a try, but there is so much information out there. Where do you even start?

It’s a huge wave of informational confusion.



Since today starting a new YouTube channel is free, basically… everybody thinks they are an expert!

There are so many tutorials out there, so much information, so many random tactics, how do you even put them together? In what order? Which video should you watch first and which should you save for later?

The problem with all this RANDOMNESS is that it creates CONFUSION and PARALYSIS.

tired user giving up on animation

So, you are left there staring at your computer screen for 2 hours when you suddenly realize: you haven’t had any progress. Ouch.

The dangers of “I will check it out later...”

What happens then? Well, you decide you will give it a try tomorrow, it’s just something you can check out later.

Be honest, does “later” ever happen? Usually “I’ll check it out later” really means: “I am tired, and I want to give up without feeling any remorse”.

Giving up on things that are not important is not that bad.

But what happens when you give up on using animation to share a strong message you have to tell? Well, your message never gets out there to touch people.

not sharing what you feel with others using animation

All of those beautiful ideas won’t even get a chance to inspire your loved ones.

They would smile thanks to other people who are brave enough to put their animations out there, but why not you?

but how can you do this

if there are no clear steps to follow?

Howard Wimshurst knows how it feels to start a big journey when you have little talent.

Believe it or not, during his childhood he didn’t draw, and when he got older, he started in Animation School without showing any special talent (just like the rest of us), but with one single difference: he really wanted this.

Howard Wimshurst today:

International Award-Winning Animator

Has a YouTube Channel with 227,000+ Subscribers

Has publised over 170 Video lessons for advanced animation

Some of his Clients:

Check his Award Winning Animation:

getting started in 2d animation

We are opening lifetime access to this online course: Getting Started in 2D Animation.

It has 8 years of Howard’s experience translated into practical knowledge, so you can get started in 2D Animation.

If you see his channel you will notice that most of his tutorials are advanced topics, right?

Well now, for the first time ever, he decided to do the extra push to help all of us (beginners) take the first solid steps to becoming great.

This course is focused on Frame by Frame Traditional Animation using digital software - What Howard calls Tradigital Animation”


To create great animations you need to:

all those ideas in your head

have the potential to touch your loved ones

But all of those feelings and stories won’t get out for the world to see if you don’t give them a chance.

Just think: What if the shows you saw on TV when you were little were never created? Who would you be now? I know that at least for me, without Dragon Ball, I wouldn’t think that training hard is the best way to overcome big challenges.

This training will help you express everything you have inside you  
using The most powerful tool of communication:


Be able to shake the emotions of others

Accomplish what you always dreamed of

Make the world hear your voice with animation

Create a powerful portfolio you can be proud of

Get job offers as an animator (we have plans to hire graduates with great work ethic)

“But Mark, traditional animation takes years to master!”

You are absolutely right! Here is my response:

“Those years are going to happen anyway!”

Think about it… 5 years from now, are you going to be touching people’s lives with amazing animations? Or are you just going to be 5 years older?”

Besides, in the first 20 hours you will realize, learning animation is really fun when there are clear steps to follow!

“Even if I was good at it, I would still take a lot of time animating because frame-be-frame animation is time consuming, isn’t it?”

Yes, it takes time… and that is what is so great about it!

Look, my brother was so excited about the new Resident Evil 3 remake, but for him there was only 1 single thing wrong with it. It was too short.

You can literally finish the game in less than 3 hours.

The same happens in frame by frame animation!

When you apply the techniques that make the process fun, then the only thing wrong will be that it ends at some point!

Think of the time you finished your favorite video game, it felt fantastic to finish it, but also, there was a feeling of: “Shoot, now what?”

That is why MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online) like World Of Warcraft have so much success, because they are basically endless.

When you apply the techniques Howard uses, you will become addicted to this and it will be a good thing. Because you will be having:


Join us and see for yourself.

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After this training you will:

Have full command over your animation software

Apply the principles of drawing in your animation

Animate a character with confidence

Take an animation concept from idea to finished render

Apply the 12 principles of animation with confidence

Be able to draw full-body characters

Storyboard an original short story with sound

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Animation Assignments

To Last Over a Year

Included in the course is the Animator's Workbook - a PDF download full of hand-picked animation assignments, designed to teach you important animation techniques that look great in your portfolio.

Here's a Sneak Peak:

Here is a Sneak Peak

You won't be able to find this workbook anywhere else - it is exclusive to this course.

It has 27 exercises:

10 for Beginner Level

10 for Intermediate Level

7 for Advanced Level


By signing up to this course, you will join a community of other eager students who are helping each other become better along the way. If you have any questions you can write a comment below each video, and me, Howard or your fellow students can write back to you.

And of course, if you have some tips that can help someone else, we strongly suggest you drop a comment to help others.

Know that both of us (Howard and me) will be here for you in every step of the way. If you have any concerns, questions, feedback or suggestions, you can write directly to him at [email protected] or you can reach me at [email protected]

Whatever you decide, we are here to help you get great results.



Howard spent four years and many thousands of dollars to earn his degree in Animation.

This course is designed to give you that high-quality training at a fraction of the cost.

You will get EVERYTHING you need to know, WITHOUT THE FLUFF.

Giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace, from any location.

Learn from scratch - this course assumes you know nothing yet.

Learn from anywhere - stream or download the videos to watch offline.

Enough assignments to last you over a year of self-study

A variety of helpful downloads including source files, templates and workbooks.

Tailored feedback on your assignments from a practicing mentor

An animation course which teaches far beyond the 12 principles of animation - the processes of how to make an entire animated film!

Your questions answered by an experienced professional


Everything from equipment and how to use it, all the way through Howard’s full animation workflow,

All explained in step-by-step exercises you can apply in your own animation projects.

Learn the techniques and principles Howard used to win awards at international film festivals.



A variety of downloads, templates, documents and source files - including sound effects, keyboard shortcuts and custom brushes.


Over 110 video lessons inside, across 15 chapters. That's over 20 hours of video for you to stream or download onto any device for offline access.



Howard’s complete animation production process taught to you step by step - a process he uses professionally to earn a living.


A full breakdown of the recommended equipment to make great animation - from an experienced professional.

flash adobe animate


A step-by-step course to teach you Adobe Flash / Animate.


A step by step course to teach you TVPaint.



He also provides resources to learn in any major 2D software, so take your pick!


Drawing lessons to help you develop your drawings from stick figure to fully rendered bodies.

animation lessons


Howard guides you through FOUR of the most crucial animation exercises that every animator should learn.


Learn the story writing / storyboarding principles he used to win international film awards.



student review 1 student review 2 student review 3


These hand-picked training lessons are designed to introduce you to the animation principles gradually.

Each exercise is broken into 10-15 videos which you can follow along at your own pace.

It will be as if Howard was sitting right there next to you.

By the end of the course, you will have several new pieces of animation to add to your first portfolio.

animation demo of particle swarm


The best exercise for first-time animators. It teaches very important animation principles. You can build your own swarm animation within the first hour of picking up the pen!

animation demo pf bouncing ball


One of the most important animation exercises. Howard breaks down this well-known animation exercise to show you the principles and processes behind it - plus he lets you in on some of his own special techniques!

animation demo of character walk cycle


Walk cycles are notoriously difficult to get right in animation - You will learn how to apply the Disney principles in a sequence of easy steps (Pun intended).

animation demo of turn and aim character


We take an action shot all the way through from concept to final render, revealing extremely useful principles and techniques along the way.


James Testimonial

James Dickson - Animator

This $200 course is better than the $4000 uni course I took. Would highly recommend."

Ryan Wheatley

"Even with me being a complete beginner to both 2D animation and digital drawing, Howard's Getting Started in 2D Animation immediately gave me the direction and momentum I need.

The fundamentals were broken down and explained, and I had multiple exercises to work towards.

By the end of the course, I not only had a better appreciation for the beautiful craft, but had animations of my own to show for it."

Ryan testimonial


animation demo of particle swarm


His follow up of exercise 1 - The Swarm

animation demo of particle swarm

by Ragnite

His follow up of exercise 3, simplified Walk-Cycle

animation demo of particle swarm

by Ragnite

Ragnite is one of our most productive students - he has worked these lessons into his regular schedule, ​his animation ability has come on in leaps and bounds since starting the course.

animation demo of particle swarm

by Ragnite

This is his upgrade after getting some feedback from Howard and following the 3-step refinement strategy.

animation demo of particle swarm

by Lenny Phelm

Lenny decided to start things simple by hypnotizing us! One of the exercises inside the Workbook included in this course. The Pendulum Swing.

animation demo of particle swarm

By liquem

A beginner student - has already mastered the walk cycle!

animation demo of particle swarm

by Ren

Her awesome practice of the transformation assignment included in the Workbook inside the course.


frequently asked questions

Answer: Chapter 2 of the course gives an in-depth breakdown of hardware and software (including a variety of free software and affordable graphics tablet recommendations). So if you currently aren't sure about software, you can jump into the course and make more informed purchasing decisions after taking the chapter.

Included in the course is a tutorial series on learning Adobe Flash /Animate as well as a tutorial series on learning TVPaint. As a first software Howard recommends getting a free trial of adobe animate. It is a very intuitive program which is easy for beginners to pick up.

Howard will guide you through the first two exercises in Adobe Flash/Animate. The walk cycle and turn and Aim animations are demonstrated in TVPaint, but by that point you will be able to follow along in any 2D animation software. In the later parts of the course you will learn how Howard uses Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Media Encoder as part of his professional animation post-production pipeline. You can download these industry-standard programs as a 30-day free trial for the course if you don't have them already. By the end of the course you will have been introduced to this variety of industry leading software.

Answer: You will have lifetime access to the course.

Answer: This course was designed so you can go through the lessons at your own pace. You dictate how fast you learn. You can even speed up or slow down the speed of the videos. We understand "life happens". If you need to take a break from the course at any time, you can return exactly from where you left off.

Answer: Howard has made a lot of training videos on YouTube, so if you are new to his work, you can get a feel for his teaching style by watching the videos there. In the course, he slowed things down and gone in more depth for each concept so that no one is left behind. Some of the videos from within the course will also be made available as free samples.



We are so sure you are going to have so much fun doing the exercises that we added a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

When you know what steps to take, this becomes easy to enjoy.

If for any reason, you decide you didn't like the course, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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getting started in 2d animation

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  • 27 Animation Assignments (From Beginner to Advanced)
  • PDF of Software Comparison Guide
  • Presentation slides for quick review of the theory lessons
  • Source files for the Animation Exercises
  • Keyboard shortcuts PDF for TVPaint and Adobe Animate (Flash)
  • List of recommended books
  • List of Inspiring Animations

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