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animate any photo

Included in this bundle you will get a new Upgrade: How to Animate a Painting, which will teach you how to take any Public Domain Photo, prepare it and animate it.

At the end of the course, you will be able to animate something like this:

4 courses in 1!

Learn Animation in Cartoon animator 4

(NEW) How to animate a painting

good timing animation in cartoon animator 4

save time in facial animation with ca4 pipeline

Total of 76 HD Video Tutorials

8.4 Hrs of Instructional Material

43 Project Files to Practice

Detailed Step-by-Step Explanations

animation made in

cartoon animator 4

turn idea into animation

you have an idea or story

that you want to animate

but you doN’t know how?

That animation you are imagining, only exists in your head, and could probably be one of the best master pieces the whole world has seen, but it would never be seen by anyone since there is no way to share it if you don’t know how to make it.

you start doing some


If every drawing takes you 30 minutes to draw and paint, and you are animating at 12 frames per second, you will take 6 hrs to create 1 second of animation.

If that is true, then animating 4 sec of a character running and doing some rolls, would take maybe 12 hours, if you reuse some frames, right?

12 hrs for only 4 seconds of animation!


you had character designers and animators

working for you?

How much of your time and energy would it take?

Well, it would take you LESS THAN 10 SECONDS

I can prove it to you right now.

animated in less than 10 seconds


How to use this powerful software, Cartoon Animator 4, to create your very next project using the content provided by Reallusion.

What if you want to create original characters?

Well, inside you will also learn how to create your own characters and prepare them for animation.

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check the

behind the scenes

of the hunters animation


you will leaRn:


Cartoon Animator 4 Interface

Learn how the interface works.

Identify different panels inside Cartoon Animator 4.

Load Demo Projects to get familiar with the interface.

zooming and navigation

A quick shortcut to do zoom in and zoom out in the workspace for precision work.

Learn how to pan the view.

Moving the Scene Camera for your animation.

compose a scene

How to bring the elements of your animation.

Import your own assets (backgrounds, characters, sound, motion clips, etc).

Or import content from the Cartoon Animator 4 provided library of assets.

character animation

animate using bones

A quick shortcut to activate Bone Animation.

Simple click and drag bone animation.

Create a simple character animation to get familiar.

fast animation: motion clips

Do complex animations using motion clips.

Add the character behavior you need from the motion clip library.

Know where to get more motion clips from the content store.

Create organic animations

Learn a simple secret to create organic animations.

Design characters that express emotion and look alive.

A method to know exactly how much your project will need.

Prepare PSD Characters

How to use any PSD editor to design original characters.

Separate the character in parts for easy animation.

How to order the layers.

Rig characters using bones

Rig characters quickly by adjusting points.

Import the PSD character into Cartoon Animator 4.

Create bones automatically.

Change sprites for animation

How to set up your characters to have multiple sprites in a PSD Editor.

Activate the Sprite Editor.

Change the Sprites as you need.

special effects

Create Special FX

Animate a simple frame by frame special effect.

Import it into Cartoon Animator 4.

Add Special Effect to your animation project.

face animation

Basic Face Animation

How to use the Face Puppet Tool.

Change the basic settings for face animation.

Animate face easily using your mouse.

Advanced Face Animation

How to use the Face Key Editor.

Transform, Deform, or change sprites for the face.

Animate each part of the face in detail.

Auto Lip Sync

Record Dialogue or import Recorded Dialogue.

Add it as Voice Clip for your character.

Have the lip sync happen automatically.

Adjusting Lip Sync

Learn to use the Lips Editor.

Open the Voice Clip in the timeline.

Adjust the Lip Sync.

full-length animation

Create a Full-Length Animation

Visualize your story.

Produce the images and sound needed.

Compose each scene in your animation.

Bring it all together in an editing software.

COURSE curriculum


01 What will you learn (2:34)

02 Download the Project Files

03 Versions, Addons and Bonus Pack (8:02)

04 Overview of the Interface (3:54)

05 Zooming and Navigation (4:14)

Fast Animation

06 Composing a Scene (10:33)

07 Animate Characters using Bones (8:30)

08 Lightspeed Animation Using Motion Clips (3:35)

09 Create Custom Content for Animated Series (6:32)

Design and Prepare PSD Characters

10 The Secret for Organic Animations (5:58)

11 Design a PSD Character in Photoshop (8:52)

12 Rig a Character in Photoshop (Pipeline Users) (33:38)

13 Rig a Character in CA4 (non Pipeline Users)

14 Rig a 360 Face in Photoshop (Pipeline Users) (2:01)

15 Rig a Free bone PSD Character (Pipeline Users) (5:31)

Character Animation

16 Adjusting Motion Clips (7:17)

17 Hand in Front and Behind (5:38)

18 Changing Angle for G3 Characters (7:12)

19 Replacement Animation - Changing Sprites (4:59)

20 Frame by Frame Animation – Changing Sprites (8:19)

Facial Animation

21 Complete Facial Animation Training (7:46)

22 Motion Capture for Fast Facial Animation (Pipeline Users) (8:19)

23 Set up 360 Face (Pipeline Users) (6:58)

24 Basic Face Animation – Face Puppet Tool (2:20)

25 Advanced Face Animation – Face Key Editor (11:17)

26 Auto Lip-Sync (2:01)

27 Adjusting Lip-Sync (9:10)

Extra Tips

28 Animating Camera Moves (4:38)

29 Move Animated Character without messing up the Keyframes (4:59)

Your Next Animation

30 Example of Animation made in Cartoon Animator 4 - The Hunters (2:37)

31 Behind the Scenes of THE HUNTERS (5:40)

32 Your Next Animation Project (1:51)

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You will need a computer with the minimum requirements to run Cartoon Animator 4, with the Pro, Pipeline or Trial version installed.

PC Windows Recommended Requirements:

Dual core CPU or higher

4 GB RAM or higher recommended

10 GB free hard disk space or higher recommended

Display Resolution: 1440 x 900 or higher

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2 or higher

Video Memory: 1 GB RAM or higher recommended

MAC Recommended System Requirements

2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU or higher

8 GB RAM or higher recommended

10 GB free hard disk space or higher recommended

Display Resolution: 1440 x 900 or higher

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or higher /ATI Radeon HD 5770 or higher

Video Memory: 2 GB RAM or higher recommended



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  • 43 Project Files to Practice
  • Detailed Step-by-Step Explanations
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