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Brandon Jones

United States

"My biggest problem was that I had too much information. Too many styles, too many techniques. You taught me to empty my cup. Start from the beginning, build a foundation."

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Frank Kochjar


"It was really good to do this course, because it’s fun. Yeah, because, you know, I don’t like boring videos, but doing this course was really entertaining, I really liked it."

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JT Townsend

United States

"I really am grateful to Mark and the 2DAnimation101 team for having this, letting me re-explore my love that I put aside years ago for drawing, and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to do drawing"

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Ach Hadda


"My sister grew up drawing and learning from YouTube Tutorials and she was a better artist than me. And now that I have taken this training, she got jealous after seeing my improvement, she was like "what the hell! how did you learn that!"

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Raddu Rares


"For me, the lessons really helped. Before I took the course, I had zero drawing skills. What I was trying to draw looked sloppy and wrong, but the course helped me get better through easy to follow steps."

Mohammed Sayed Faisal

"After joining several courses about drawing I can say that I have wasted my time taking those, because this is by far the best drawing course that's teaches how to draw clearly, with detailed steps.

Moreover, it's about Japanese Manga!

Thank you Mark and the 2DAnimation101 team!"

IsaIas Israel Lopez

"The course is very good, even without a drawing tablet. I practiced using my sketchbook and a pencil, and it really helped me a lot to improve. I was struggling with some parts of the body, like the eyes, I couldn’t put them in the correct place in the character, now I know exactly where they go. Also, the English used in this course is very understandable for someone like me, whose English is a second language. I truly recommend it."


"I haven't finished the whole class but I'm really enjoying the teaching method. The instructions are very clear and memorable."


"Interesting course, with motivations for beginners like me who don't know how to draw. Thanks for that."

Gavin Long

"Very different from any tutorial I have ever seen but is a fascinating course."

Can Poyraz Sağ

"I really enjoyed the way drawing is potrayed. This is a fun training course so far."


"The instructor has a very unique style of teaching. So far I really love what I am seeing. Thumbs UP!"